The Digital4Science platform builds bridges between scientists, citizens and policy-makers. It is open to everyone interested in research and innovation to discuss and share opinion on science in the digital age. We want to hear your voice on EU policies and programmes designed to support science in the digital age and to boost scientific discoveries.

"We set up this platform to give you a voice; we want to listen to you, and establish a regular dialogue on our activities and policies. Together we can build a better future by focusing on the new technologies that are needed to push science further".

Thierry Van der Pyl, Director

The Digital4Science platform allows you to conduct and be part of interactions with scientists, technologists, researchers and innovators. By enabling a regular dialogue on activities linked to Excellent Science in the digital age, Digital4Science is a place where you can talk and listen, a place where you can gather evidence on common activities, a place where you can post events or create polls.

Please register to the platform and share your ideas with the community. We hope to hear about what you expect from present and future research in the field of Excellent Science, your experiences , your ideas on FET, FET Flagships, the Open Science Cloud and e-Infrastructures.

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