Following the latest announcements on COVID-19 coming from the French government, the Marché du Film and the parallel sections of the Cannes Film Festival, it is with regret that we announce the closing and cancellation of the 4th edition of the #euFilmContest, and thus also the travel of the ten winners to the festival.

Official visual of the #euFilmContest, including text announcing the cancellation

To date, the Cannes Film Festival has not been cancelled but the organisers have already confirmed that the 2020 edition could not be celebrated in its original form.

In our view, even if the festival eventually takes place in any sort of new form, its special and unique essence of gathering thousands of film professionals and film lovers in a city that during those days breathes and functions exclusively around cinema would not be that visible this year. In addition, we have been informed that many of the activities and meetings with partners organised for the winners have been cancelled. Therefore, we consider that there is no point for the winners to travel under these circumstances given that, in any case, they would not be able to experience the real flavour of such a unique event.

Finally – and more importantly­, safety and health of both our staff and the winners is our priority, and we would not put them at any risk. Under the current situation of uncertainty, responsibility and common sense point to the cancellation of the contest as the best and only option.

We would like to thank the thousands of people who have taken the quiz since its launch at the end of February. We appreciate their interest in our initiative and we are glad to see such a big interest in European cinema all across Europe.  

We hope to be back next year with another edition of the contest and a full programme of activities for the winners to enjoy and take the most of Cannes 2021. Meanwhile, the European Commission in general and the MEDIA programme in particular will continue working to support the European film and audiovisual industry, which has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.