The Telecoms ministers agreed on a Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP). The Decision on RSPP will create a comprehensive EU spectrum policy programme until 2015 and will complete the Single Market, particularly in line with the Europe 2020 initiative and the Digital Agenda for Europe.

The Spectrum programme is a key to reaching the Digital Agenda targets for universal broadband coverage and broadband data speeds, which can help boost innovation and growth. Services which rely on radio spectrum represent 2% to 2.5 % of annual EU gross domestic product (DGP), I.e. more than €250 billion according to a study undertaken for the Commission. This includes the European wireless electronic communications industry which supports 3.5 million jobs, generates around €130 billion annually in tax revenues and contributes € 140 billion directly to European GDP.

The radio spectrum proposal, together with a Broadband Communication and NGA Recommendation, is part of a package presented by the Commission in September 2010 to deliver fast and ultra-fast broadband in Europe , one of the key targets of the Digital Agenda for Europe.

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