Cube-Tec International, a creative SME and partner in the EU research project DAVID, saves part of national heritage by repairing damaged videos.

A concrete problem: how to repair digital media damages?, is solved as part of an EU research project thanks to a collaboration between the public and private sector and with an SME as the main actor. The result is a technology with potential for the future.

Cube-Tec International, partner in the DAVID project, is a R&D performing SME providing industrial solutions for large media archives. As a pioneer in quality control of media workflows, the company focuses on open standards and agile process automation. Cube-Tec benefits from a great deal of experience with large-scale media digitization projects. Furthermore, Cube-Tec offers state-of-the-art products for content verification and media automation service platforms for modern file-based workflows using reference and non-reference based quality assessment methods.

The DAVID (Digital AV Media Damage Prevention and Repair) project brings together partners from Austria, France, Germany and the UK and is led by the Joanneum Research Centre (Austria). It will contribute to:

  • Understanding Damage:
    How does damage occur in digital video file and digital video tape based systems?
    What are the consequences of this damage on the ability to make use of the audiovisual content?
  • Preventing from Damage:
    How can effective risk management and quality assurance techniques be built into preservation systems so that the systems themselves become more robust and resilient?
    How can better preservation techniques be incorporated directly into the devices and systems that produce born digital content?
  • Detecting & Repairing Damage:
    How can this damage be efficiently monitored and detected?
    Accepting that damage will occur, how can content be repaired to enable re-use?
    How can all this be done at scale and at speed for large audiovisual collections?
  • Improving the Quality:
    How can the technical quality of content be improved beyond the original state to satisfy requirements of new use channels?

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