In this video interview, Pacôme Elouna Eyenga, Team Leader at EIP-AGRI, the European Innovation Partnership for productivity and sustainability in agriculture and forestry, highlights the importance of the digital transformation for agriculture and rural areas.

Still image from video (Broadband good practice interview: the KempenGlas cooperative in the rural Netherlands) depicting the President of the KempenGlas Cooperative, Jacco Kwaaitaal. Above him is a banner with the title: Broadband Good Practice Video.

In order for agricultural production to be competitive, smart and sustainable, data-driven innovative practices – such as smart land management, precision farming, smart irrigation – are key, but are dependent on good IT infrastructure and reliable high-speed broadband.

For this reason, Mr. Elouna Eyenga underlines the need for the European networks working on rural development, agriculture and broadband at national and regional level to connect more strongly. These networks are principally the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD), the National Rural Networks (NRNs), and the European Broadband Competence Offices Network (BCO Network).

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