The 2nd EU-Japan ICT Security Workshop on 3rd December 2013 takes place within the framework of the 20th EU-Japan High Level ICT Dialogue, the venue where EU and Japan exchange and discuss on ICT key challenges and explore areas for cooperation.

The 1st EU-Japan ICT Security Workshop took place on 15th of November 2012 and was an excellent opportunity to exchange on relevant initiatives and setting the bases to strength bilateral cooperation on cyber security, as well as to find ways to promote common values and priorities at international level.

In terms of cooperation Japan and the EU share many of the same challenges to be addressed by policy and by R&D in the ICT field (Internet governance, Internet security, ageing population, etc)  The EU-Japan ICT regulatory Dialogue's 20th meeting will be held on 4th December in Brussels, and this workshop is being held in that context, with the conclusions being fed into the Dialogue itself.  The Dialogue, which is generally held annually, is a government-to-government meeting, and is co-chaired at Vice Ministerial level.  It covers a wide range of ICT subjects of mutual interest or concern in the areas of policy exchange, regulatory discussion, and technology research cooperation.

Organised by: 

The European Commission, Japanese Government and by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation.

A separate event, the Japan-EU Policy Forum on Silver ICT, will be organised on the same morning.