This summit, organised by the health community, gathers European leaders, policy makers and health stakeholders. Together, they will map the future of healthcare in Europe. Recommendations for the next European Parliament and European Commission have already been drawn up.

On November 29, a large number of European organisations involved in health and healthcare policy is hosting a high-level EU Health Summit to discuss the future of health at EU level. Bringing together European leaders, policy makers and health stakeholders, the summit will draft recommendations for the next European Commission and European Parliament to bring the necessary changes about.

How we map the future of healthcare in Europe, making the most of the innovation at our fingertips in the context of health care systems struggling for resources, what is the role of the European Union in addressing these challenges and critically, how can different sectors converge to deliver the best outcomes for patients in Europe? These are the questions the EU Health Summit aims to answer.

A group of 28 stakeholder organisations
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