Depressive disorders have a considering impact on the lives of EU citizens. Smart policies and strategies are required to support the deployment of eMental health solutions. The EU-funded MasterMind consortium has composed a policy brief on this issue.

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Around 30 million European citizens suffer from unipolar depression each year. Significant costs can be associated with mood disorders.  Psychotherapy for depressive disorders delivered through the internet, also referred to as eMental health, has potential advantages such as increased reach and accessibility while maintaining comparable clinical effects to existing routine practice.

The MasterMind project aimed to find out how to offer actual and equal eMental health interventions under good conditions and at a competitive price.

In light of the experiences and the gathered information, the MasterMind consortium expects a bigger demand for eMental healthcare given the general digitalization of healthcare and the need for quality sustainable healthcare delivery with equal access.

Smart policies and strategies that support the continued and further deployment of eMental health are urgently required. The MasterMind consortium gives recommendations for the further deployment of eMental health solutions highlighting the following issues:

  1.  Develop a clear implementation strategy and plan
  2.  Congruent financial metrics
  3.  Communication strategy
  4.  Change management
  5.  Technical solutions and support
  6.  Organisational structure and stepped processes

More information on the MasterMind project.


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