INHERIT (INter-sectoral Health and Environment Research for InnovaTion) aims at stimulating effective policies, practices and innovations that address key environmental stressors of health and the underlying causes of health inequity.

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The INHERIT project

This Horizon 2020 research project aims to encourage us to modify our current lifestyles, characterized by a ‘take, make, consume, dispose’ models of growth, to formulate scenarios for a more sustainable future, and to design, implement and test inter-sectoral initiatives to achieve the desired change.

To move towards a healthier, more equitable and environmentally sustainable future, INHERIT aims to:

  • Make more explicit the links between the environment, health, wellbeing, health equity, and our lifestyles and behaviours;
  • Contribute to raising awareness amongst policy makers and the general public about our (un)sustainable lifestyles and behaviours and how they impact the environment, health and health equity;
  • Identify solutions -policies, interventions and innovations- that help make healthy and environmentally sustainable behaviours the easy and attractive ‘default’ option for all, through a range of different sources (literature review, visioning exercise, citizens’ fora);
  • Build the evidence-base regarding cost-effective, good practice models that can be replicated in different contexts;
  • Build capacity and encourage leadership from the health sector to work inter-sectorally with the environment and other sectors;
  • Use the evidence base to advocate, and mobilise key actors to implement the identified solutions, to help achieve Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.


INHERIT is a 48-month / 4-year (2016-2019) Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission


INHERIT consists of 18 partners from around Europe led by EuroHealthNet. Consortium Partners


5,952,902.50 Euros

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