Winners of the European film contest were announced today. The European Commission launched the contest at the beginning of this year to promote Europe's unique diversity of films, TV programmes and video games among young Europeans and the general public. Participants were asked to identify 25 films and other audiovisual works that received support from the Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

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The contest raised a great interest with over 9,000 participants from across European Union and beyond. As there were too many candidates who obtained the highest score, the filtering question was used to select the 10 successful participants.

Congratulations to the 10 winners*:

  • Alan S. (Czech Republic),
  • Mirjam B. (Netherlands)*,
  • Aleksandra P. (Poland),
  • Carlos G.  (Spain),
  • Oana B. (Romania),
  • Goda L. (Lithuania),
  • Emilie S. (France),
  • Max K. (Austria),
  • Mirella A. (Poland),
  • Oana T. (Romania).

Reaction from the winners

The winners have already been contacted and some of them have sent us their first reactions:

  • Carlos G. (Spain): "Every time I go to Renoir Cinemas in Madrid I see the MEDIA programme logo before the film because these theatres are supported by this initiative to bring the newest European films across the continent. A good way to share languages, stories, feelings and different points of view from every single part of Europe. For that reason I decided to participate in the contest. I love European films (from Lars von Trier to Almodóvar) and it would be a good opportunity to go further."
  • Oana T.(Romania): "For the last three years, I've been working as a cultural manager in a small city in Western Romania and one of the most recent projects I've been involved in is about reviving the city’s old cinemas, which includes creating a relevant film programme, focused on European productions. I am truly enthusiastic about this trip, as it will be a fantastic opportunity to get in touch with top-notch professionals from the film industry and also to discover the latest and most interesting productions from the best source that there is, the Cannes Film Festival."
  • Max K. (Austria):  "Ever since I shot my first short film in my childhood bedroom, my fascination for this medium has been a guiding factor in my life. Currently I study film science in Vienna and participate in various audiovisual productions. Always being on the lookout for opportunities to dig deeper, winning a trip to Cannes is like striking gold for me."
  • Mirella A. (Poland): "I come from Poland, but I'm living and studying now in Germany. Growing up on Krzysztof Kieslowski movies, cinema was my passion already from childhood. I like engaged cinema and I enjoy experimenting with movies. My biggest idols from the movie industry are David Lynch, Pedro Almodóvar and Lars von Trier."

The winners will travel to Cannes on 23 and 24 May during the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. They will receive a festival accreditation, visit the Film Market and learn more about European films and the audiovisual industry directly from professionals. The winners will also attend a screening of a film selected as part of La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs and get to experience the richness of the European cinema.


The EU Film Contest aimed to increase awareness of the success of European audiovisual works and to contribute to film literacy among young people. The contest was organised within the context of the 25th anniversary of the MEDIA programme, which is designed to support European film and other audiovisual industries. It provides funding for the development, promotion, and distribution of European works within Europe and beyond. It invests in the training of producers, film distributors, directors, and screenwriters to help them adapt to new technologies. Each year, the MEDIA programme supports around 2,000 European projects including films, TV series, video games, training programmes, cinema networks and much more.


*Updated on 08/05/2016:

Mirjam B. (Netherlands) replaced André M. (France) who was initially selected amongst the 10 winners, but had to cancel his participation.