Responding to the eHealth call of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom programme, EU member states have requested over €13 million in EU funding. They are planning to use the money to set up a cross-border network to exchange Patient Summaries and ePrescriptions.

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The European Commission received 21 proposals from national contact points for eHealth (NCPeH) or from authorities setting up a NCPeH. They request €13.1 million - even though the initial budget in the field of trans-European telecommunications for eHealth generic services is €7.5 million.

With the requested budget, the Member State run contact points propose to offer a secure peer-to-peer network allowing the exchange of Patient Summaries and ePrescriptions, which will pave the way to reach the following objectives:

  • enable seamless cross-border care and secure access to patient health information between European healthcare systems, particularly with respect to the exchange of Patient Summary and ePrescription.
  • contribute to patient safety by reducing the frequency of medical errors and by providing quick access to patient health information, as well as by increasing the accessibility of a patient's own prescriptions, also when abroad.
  • provide medical personnel with life-saving information in emergency situations and reduce the repetition of diagnostic procedures.

eHealth was just one of the topics of the CEF Telecom call, but it was the most popular one. In total, the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) handling the call received 47 project proposals by the 15 March 2016 deadline, requesting over €24 million in total EU funding. The total available budget for the calls is €16.9 million.

Evaluation of the project proposals with the help of external experts will start in April 2016. This process is expected to be concluded by June 2016, when the final results will be announced.

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