The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum is issuing a call for contributors to participate in 2 working groups.

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Working group on Blockchain Policy and Framework Conditions 

This group should look particularly into cross-cutting issues in order to establish policy, legal and regulatory conditions needed to promote predictability and legal certainty which are necessary for larger-scale deployment of blockchain applications. The analysis should consider issues ranging from smart contracts, protection of personal data, legal recognition of blockchains, token economics – especially utility tokens. The working group should also discuss issues concerning technological and ecosystem developments, such as interoperability, scalability and sustainability, cybersecurity and energy efficiency;

Working group on Use Cases and Transition Scenarios

This group  should focus on the most promising use cases, particularly with a public sector angle (e.g. identity and government services, possibly including health care, energy or environmental reporting), notably looking at their transformative power and transition scenarios (e.g. legacy systems integration). It should also touch upon use cases in the area of Fintech and financial services, supply chain, creative industries or the non-profit sector.

The call is open until 9 April 2018,

More information on the call and application form