The Commission is currently discussing changes to the 2019 Enhanced European Innovation Council (EIC) Workprogramme to allocate an extra € 45.4 million in total to energy and climate change research in the EIC Pathfinder Future and Emerging Techologies (FET) proactive topics FETPROACT-EIC-05-2019 and FETPROACT-EIC-06-2019, and postpone the call deadline to 13 November 2019.

Picture of a dry terrain

With increasing public concern about the effects of climate change, the Commission has made research in this area a priority and aims to allocate 35% of the H2020 budget to this. Foundational research such as that supported by FET EIC Pathfinder will have an important role in developing new technologies to tackle this major challenge. Further calls for proposals addressing this topic are expected in European research programmes, both H2020 and its successor Horizon Europe, to build up the necessary technological know-how  to make Europe a world leader in tackling climate change.

Following discussions with Member State representatives, the Commission is now amending the H2020 EIC Workprogramme for 2019 to update the 2 FET Proactive topics in the EIC Pathfinder. The changes are expected to be formally adopted and published in the Funding and Tenders online portal by the end of June 2019. The main changes are:

  • The call deadline will be postponed until 13 November 2019.
  • The scope of sub-topic (c) of FETPROACT-EIC-05-2019 "Breakthrough zero-emissions energy generation for full decarbonisation" has been expanded to now include research on novel, advanced technologies for batteries, solar and fuel cells in addition to its previous subject areas. A budget of between € 35.4 million and € 52.4 million will now be reserved for this sub-topic.
  • FET Open and Proactive projects that address the area of low-carbon energy and climate change technologies can now apply to the FETPROACT-EIC-06-2019 transition to innovation activities topic. Between € 10 million and € 13 million will be allocated to projects from this area.

There was  a webinar June 14th at 15hrs (Brussels time) where explained in detail these changes and answer questions.



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