The European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA) has just published two reports: "The protection of minors in a converged environment” and “Material jurisdiction in a converged environment”.

These reports were adopted in December 2015 as a result of ERGA Work Programme for 2015.

The Report on material jurisdiction in a converged environment gives feedback on issues such as definition of the audiovisual media service. In this context it refers to the "TV like" criterion and the notion of "principal purpose of one service". It also gives recommendations on the notion of editorial responsibility and other issues that impact the material scope of the AVMSD.

The Report on protection of minors in a converged environment draws conclusions on the most relevant elements for an adequate system for the protection of minors in a converged world. The ERGA Report  presents recommendations on the future system of protection of minors. It refers to the regulatory distinction between both types of service, exploring the level of protection across linear and non-linear content. It also draws recommendations with respect to key definitions and concepts, such as content "likely to impair" or content that "might seriously impair" the development of minors.

A Report on the independence of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) was published on 11 January 2016;

The three reports present recommendations to the European Commission in view of the changing audiovisual landscape and the on-going review of the Audiovisual Media Service Directive (AVMSD).

More information in the  ERGA press release