Even though epSOS has been extended until 30/6/2014, this large-scale project dealing with cross-border health services is slowly coming to an end. Time has come to report and sum up its many outputs. Meanwhile, also Portuguese citizens can use Patient Summaries when going abroad.

The intention of the EU-funded epSOS project has been to deliver and test building blocks to implement cross-border eHealth services. epSOS has achieved this in different ways:

  • By defining and setting up the necessary infrastructure based on National Contact Points (NCP) which exchange patient information with other countries on a piloting basis (the epSOS pilot started in April 2012) and;
  • By defining, testing and evaluating the services from a user’s – health professional’s and patient’s – perspective.

Under www.epsos.eu/home/epsos-results-outlook you can find a section dedicated to the results and achievements of the project.

epSOS is still expanding

In the meantime, Portuguese citizens are also able to make use of the epSOS Patient Summary service when going to another epSOS piloting country. Portugal initiated that by including 25 primary healthcare institutions in the Northern region and by making one million patient summaries accessible. Since then, the Portuguese pilot has grown and currently includes a total of 100 primary healthcare institutions and over 3 million patient summaries. Next steps include the launch of Patient Summary service for ingoing epSOS patients.
More info: www.epsos.eu/portugal  (in Portuguese).

On top of that, several other participating countries are expected to join epSOS pilot operations soon. Activities to launch a pilot by the end of the year are proceeding well in Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Slovenia and Sweden.
ICT 2013

Don’t miss epSOS at EU's ICT 2013, held under the Lithuanian EU presidency in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 6-8 November 2013. epSOS will be among the exhibitors and will show live demonstrations of its services.