The EU-funded EMPOWER project has developed prototype web and mobile applications that allow diabetic patients not only to contribute to their own healthcare but also to be more in control of their disease.


The EMPOWER project experts, based in Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Germany and Turkey, developed a modular and standards-based patient empowerment framework, which facilitates self-management of diabetic patients, based on a PHR system and on personalized services delivered through web and mobile applications.

The EMPOWER prototype system is based on a cycle: First a medical consultation takes place, this is followed by the patient setting his or her own self-management goals, then there are activities, and as a last step the system gives feedback concerning these patient’s self-management activities.

EMPOWER includes:

  • services for supporting activities for changing behaviour according to diabetes-specific healthcare needs and;
  • services for monitoring of vital, physical, mental parameters as well as physical and lifestyle activities based on health standards.

The sytem was validated in two pilot applications in Germany and in Turkey, with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients and integrating clinicians and general practitioners into the validation phase. The pilot applications demonstrated that the holistic and patient-centric approach of EMPOWER can improve disease management, helping diabetes patients to cope better with their condition.

EMPOWER was a three years FP7 project started in February 2012.

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