Interested in bridging the gap between ICT and chronic disease care, and empowering patients? Join the European Empattics workshops in Denmark, Spain and France.

These workshops are mainly meant for companies, together with clusters, accelerators and industry associations, who have expertise in healthcare or digital health, design, patient or user empowerment and involvement, security or interoperability.

Throughout the one-day workshops, the participants will learn about:

  • The latest research regarding the common health challenges and (unmet) chronic disease patient needs in the regions of Galicia and Aragon (Spain), Île-de-France, and the Central Denmark Region.
  • The innovative procurement methodology which these regions will use: Pre-Commercial Procurement. This involves suppliers early and help them bring their disruptive concepts closer to the market, through providing them with budget and testing sites on competitive basis.

The participants will also have a chance to ask questions, discuss and network.

Along with that, interested stakeholders are invited to fill out an online questionnaire until 15th of October, 2016, to provide their feedback and direct questions about Empattics.

Both the results from the workshops and the online questionnaire will help the Empattics project to add new perspectives on the process and methods chosen, and qualify the analysis, assumptions and materials for the upcoming pre-commercial procurement tender.

The workshops are free of charge but require registration. They will take place in 4 locations:

  • Copenhagen, 9th of November 2016
  • Santiago de Compostela, 15th of November 2016
  • Zaragoza, 18th of November 2016
  • Paris, 23rd of November 2016

About Empattics

Multi-faceted challenges like coping with a chronic disease require multi-faceted solutions. The biggest disease burden in the EU is coming from the chronic ones, affecting millions of people.

Co-funded by the European Union within the Horizon 2020 framework, the Empattics project has started in February 2016 and in the course of 3 years will work towards bridging the gap between chronic disease care and ICT.

The Empattics consortium consists of

  • Four public procurement authorities ('Buyers'): The Galician Health Knowledge Agency (lead procurer), Servicio Aragones de salud, Service Numérique de Santé and Region Midtjylland;
  • Three partners to test the solutions on a large scale and integrate as part of the strategic development of health policies in all Buyers’ regions: The European Health Futures Forum, Kokomo Healthcare limited, M&C Saatchi Madrid SL.

Resulting prototypes will be tested for diabetes (type I and II), cardiac insufficiency and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). They should act as platforms to:

  • increase the awareness and knowledge about treatment adherence
  • provide valuable information for self-care management of patient diseases
  • help patients to develop healthy adaptive behaviors to change the problematic ones
  • facilitate the communication between patients and health professionals.

The Empattics Buyers will announce a Pre-Commercial Procurement tender to reach these goals. That means that instead of looking for commercially available solutions, the Buyers will procure Research and Development services from several suppliers in parallel in three competitive phases.

Why Pre-Commercial Procurement?

The Empattics Buyers believe that until now the available self-care support tools are narrow point solutions that have not succeeded to overcome the barriers and therefore have not been adopted as large scale solutions that can impact Regions and their population.

Thus, the Buyers want to explore possible solutions together with companies before their commercial release.
Along with that, Pre-Commercial Procurement method has other advantages.

Shared Risks and Benefits

The PCP setup lets the companies to share the risks and the benefits associated with product development with the Buyers.

Working towards Commercialization

While for large enterprises the financial contribution might be insignificant, SMEs can benefit from PCP in order to take their ideas one step closer to commercialization. Empattics will not own Intellectual Property Rights.

According to official numbers from PCP projects funded by the European Union, 73% of contracts were won by SMEs (SME registered as a lead bidder, bidding alone or in a consortium) in comparison to the traditional public procurement, where only 29% of winning bids are SMEs.

Access to Expertise, Testing Sites and Markets

As the Buyers are from different European countries, the companies can get insights into several markets. The companies will get access to the knowledge, clinicians, patients and the infrastructure in the Buyers’ regions.

More information:

For more information, please, visit the Empattics website.