This study presents a roadmap of the emerging technologies impacting the global electronic value chain. It also identifies the main emerging Micro-Nano Electronics (MNE), Smart Systems and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) technologies and forecasts their economic impact in short and midterm on the different end-user segments. It assesses which of these technologies are the most critical technologies for the EU and are therefore suggested to be supported by the European Commission and the follow-up Joint Undertaking in the context of Horizon Europe.

The results are presented through 18 emerging technologies and 4 emerging markets that put together cover the main innovations that link computing technologies and the MNE value chain. Open platforms for edge computing and Internet of Things (IoT) are presented as an opportunity for the EU to compete with the main global leaders in the new innovation race regarding the development of IoT.
This study also presents the production values in euros at every step of the electronic value chain (end-user electronic equipment and systems, electronic components, materials & tools…), in the world in 2018 with forecasts for 2023 and describes the position of the EU in terms of production. Production values of electronics equipment and systems are presented among 10 main segments: Aerospace/Defense & Security, Automotive, Industrial & Robotics, Health & Care, Telecommunication Infrastructures, Phones, Professional data processing, Consumer PC, Audio & Video and Home Appliance.

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