How important are trust and convenience for your business to go digital? How can they be enablers to unlock your business potential? This event addresses these and more questions by showcasing the latest technologies and business developments across sectors and countries in Europe.

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The event will bring together top-level decision makers to share experiences, business cases and good practices to learn how to best leverage the opportunities of trust services in the new eIDAS Regulation. These include electronic signatures, seals, registered delivery services, time stamps and certificates for website authentication.

The day will start with the award ceremony of the e-Mark U Trust Competition, which will be hosted by European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip (@Ansip_EU).

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The second part of the day will illustrate the value of electronic trust services in enabling trust and convenience on-line and will focus particularly on three business sectors with a high potential for the use of trust services:

  • Insurances
  • The financial sector (consumer credit)
  • Postal services

It is part of the effort to promote uptake of the eIDAS Regulation in the private sector in order leverage electronic trust services as a key enabler of the Digital Single Market (DSM) by making cross-border electronic transactions more secure, convenient, and trustworthy.

  • Outline the basic principles of electronic trust services (in a cross-border context);
  • Showcase good practices, identify opportunities and possible hurdles;
  • Collect input from the private sector to streamline business processes and embrace new innovative services
  • Offer practical tools for further take up in terms of technical expertise and financing (CEF), as to develop a closer cooperation with innovative businesses.

Discussion topics:

  • Understanding cross-border obstacles in the use of electronic trust services in the identified sectors;
  • Improving client convenience and facilitating business processes by going digital (e.g. by signing contracts online, taking out insurances, etc.)

Please find a blog post on the event, published on the Digital Agenda for Europe

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