Improved treatment quality, better access to care, avoidance of unnecessary public expenditure. Information and communication technologies (ICT) can greatly benefit all aspects of delivering healthcare. These 10 case studies (published 2006) clearly demonstrate that eHealth matters, that it is well worth the investment, and that it can lead to substantial economic and social benefits.

The case studies are included in a newly-published European Commission study "eHealth is Worth it – The economic benefits of implemented eHealth solutions at ten European sites". Supported by the European Commission Information Society and Media Directorate-General, the study is one of the first attempts to assess the real impact of eHealth applications, their benefits and safety aspects.

  • Germany, Rhineland – With AOK Rheinland’s GesundheitsCard Europa, around 200,000 tourists from the Rhine region of Germany who visit the Dutch and Belgium coast can receive healthcare as conveniently as at home!
  • Sweden, County Councils – Sweden's national pharmacy system and its county councils embark on ePrescribing.
  • Romania, Bucharest – The City of Bucharest turns its slow paper-based ambulance systems into a dynamic timely and highquality service.
  • France, Paris In the Institut Curie, an electronic patient record (Elios) and a search meta-engine (Prométhée) shape the hospital of tomorrow.
  • Belgium, Flanders – Vaccination rates among young Flemish children reach almost 95% thanks to new eHealth applications.
  • Sweden and Spain, Västernorrlands län, Västra Götalands län and Barcelona – Radiology consultations between Sweden and Spain.
  • Germany, Münster – an electronic ordering system in hospitals.
  • Denmark, various regions – Danish Health Data Network
  • Czech Republic, various regions – Webbased health records: empowered citizens, better informed health-care practitioners, continuity of care.
  • United Kingdom, England – Direct Online information service.

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