This annual health policy event, organised in collaboration with the European Commission, will highlight the benefits that innovation brings to our health systems. But are the innovations really reaching the people for whom they were designed? And are our systems ready to handle the strides in medical innovation as well as make ethical use of the growing potential of data?

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One of the tracks of European Health Forum Gastein 2018 is called 'Innovation for all': Innovation as a tool to improve health and well-being can only be meaningful if its implementation succeeds. In 2018, is it time to look downstream from the discoveries to their delivery and ask: are innovations really reaching the people for whom they are designed? How can we make sure not only that innovation keeps happening in Europe – but that we are ready to benefit from it?

Sessions in this track will discuss, among other topics, how R&D funding models and reimbursement structures for innovation can be set up to serve the needs of all people, on what evidentiary basis we should assess the merit of innovation in the first place, as well as whether digital innovation, emerging technologies and new players can change the way we approach deficits in care and prevention and revolutionise the patient experience.

Together we will take a comprehensive look at innovation delivery, uptake and implementation - and the obstacles we need to overcome along the way.

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