The conference will highlight solutions to eliminate various barriers in European healthcare. These barriers are either geographical ones, like those between healthcare providers, regions and states, or communication difficulties among the various players in healthcare systems which include users, healthcare workers, management, and regional and national authorities.

The programme will focus mostly on topics which contribute to connecting eHealth tools and users:

  • between places, cities, regions and countries and
  • between all players in healthcare (citizens, patients, healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, health insurance providers, public health actors, educational and research institutions, and public authorities)

The conference aims:

  • to demonstrate opportunities, achievements and challenges of the implementation of electronic healthcare, and
  • To define as clearly as possible future directions for the further development of eHealth in Europe

On May the 5th satellite conferences and events such as national eHealth conference and events will be organised by European associations and projects.

Further information on the agenda, exhibition and registration to the conference will soon be available on the dedicated website of the conference. The conference is by invitation only

Slovenia, EC
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