Contribute to the eGovernment Action Plan 2016 – 2020: this online platform has been set up to gather ideas for new actions and provides a space for all to collaborate and discuss how to improve eGovernment services in the EU.

Graphic with text Express your needs, discuss and propose new actions

As a citizen, a business or a public administration what are your needs (which may be expressed by an organisation representing you)?

In addition to the already identified 20 actions, more could be added throughout the duration of the Action Plan (2016-2020).

This platform will allow you to propose new ones, share your ideas and contribute to the efforts to modernise your Public Services (local, regional, national, European).

How does this work?

  • Based on the needs that have been submitted on the platform and the  actions related to these needs,  the eGovernment Action Plan Steering Board will assess and determine whether an action will be included in the Action Plan or not.
  • New actions can be proposed by individual stakeholders or collaborated by a group of stakeholders on the platform. Stakeholders may also decide to create more formal working groups to draft actions.
  • The eGovernment Action Plan Steering Board is chaired by the European Commission and represented by Commission officials and Member State representatives who were mandated by their country to take decisions on the implementation of actions.
  • Proposals for action will be discussed by the Steering Board at regular intervals.
  • Proposers will be notified about the decisions on the platform and how the actions will be implemented.
  • Once a project is up and running, information about its progress and results will be made available on the platform.

The eGovernment Action Plan 2016-2020 will help to modernise public administrations using ICT, resulting in high-quality digital public services that also work across the EU by implementing concrete actions for us all.

Go to the platform and join!

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