The eEnviPer project has released a software that guarantees compliance with EU environmental law through a web platform and cloud technologies. The product is now ready for the market and Greece is going to adopt it.

Draxis Environmental SA undertook the creation and development of a central database workflow system for the declaration and management of the various waste recycling and recovery by-products and secondary raw materials in Greece, in accordance with the European legislation and the rules of the private sector.

The software that is being developed is based on the know-how acquired by Draxis through the participation in e-Enviper, a project funded under the PSP-CIP framework.

The final product/software/service will help the reporting of production of these recycling material, their logistics information such as transfer and import/export activities and will help in efficiently track the whole life cycle of these by-products as well as prevent un-authorized activities and un-declared waste through the cross reference procedure embedded I the system.

It will be adopted officially by the public service agencies involved throughout the process. This is a result coming as a joint effort between the Ministry of the Environment in Greece and the Federation of recycling and energy recovery industries and enterprises (SEPAN) who is also funding the project.

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A single multi-purpose SOA platform that delivers environmental permissions services through the cloud of e-Government services and applications
Project coordinator
Ms. Pavlou Ioanna (Head of Financial Department), DRAXIS ENVIRONMENTAL S.A.
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