Digital technologies have transformed nearly every aspect of how research is conducted, how scientists think, and how research data are used and shared. To make the most of this evolution, the EU-funded EDISON project has developed tools to boost data science education and encourage the emergence of the profession of data scientist.

Logo of the project showing a young graduate

To speed-up the increase in the number of competent and qualified data scientists across Europe and beyond, EDISON (Education for Data Intensive Science to Open New science frontiers) has developed the EDISON Data Science Framework (EDSF). The EDSF gathers training materials and information to assist educators, trainers, employers, and research infrastructure managers in identifying, recruiting and inspiring the data science professionals of the future. The EDSF can be used to develop new courses in data science, evaluate existing modules and courses, draft job descriptions, and plan and design efficient data-intensive research teams across a range of scientific disciplines. 

All EDSF documents are freely available via the project’s website as an open source product.

Even if the project is now over, the EDSF remains a dynamic tool used to define common tools that others can build on and addressing the increasing demand for data-related skills.


The project ran from September 2015 until August 2017 and received around EUR 2,5 million of EU funding under Horizon 2020, the EU research and innovation programme.

By supporting data science, EDISON project has encouraged the spread of open science and Big data technologies, which allow research to be more open, collaborative, creative and closer to the society.

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