This Multi Annual Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (MASRIA) of the Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership (ECSEL) serves as input/recommendation for the 2015 Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP) of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking. This MASRIA describes the Vision, Mission and Strategy of the ECSEL Joint Undertaking as well as the strategic research and innovation activities to be undertaken through the future ECSEL-Calls in order to enable the ECSEL JU to fulfil its objectives as recommended by the Private Members Board. In its structure this MASRIA 2015 follows the structure of the MASP 2014.

The ECSEL MultiStrategic Research and Innovation Agenda (MASRIA) is downloadable on ARTEMIS-IA website , also from the websites of AENEAS and EPoSS. Comments are welcome per e-mail.