The Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ECSEL JU) is organising a Call Forum, in preparation of the Calls for Proposals to be launched in 2017.

ECSEL Call Forum 2017

This event targets potential applicants for the calls for Research and Innovation Action (RIA) and Innovation Action (IA) under the ECSEL funding scheme.

It is an opportunity to learn more about ECSEL JU and the upcoming calls, as well as to meet project partners and exchange ideas. The event will take place on March 2nd 2017 (9am - 6pm).

On March 3rd 2017, the ECSEL JU is also holding a Coordinators' Info Day, also in Brussels. This event is on invitation only, reserved for ECSEL JU project coordinators or their designated delegates, who will be contacted directly. This will involve special sessions dedicated to helping their work in the ECSEL projects.

ECSEL Joint Undertaking

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