Are you a young artist or designer? We look for a new symbol for safer and trusty online services. Join in, send your idea to the “e-Mark U Trust” competition, your creation can be on trusted websites across Europe, do not lose your chance!

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The e-mark U Trust Competition gets to its final stage. The online voting has now finished, please check the updates on the process to choose the e-mark U trust logo.

What is the "e-Mark U Trust" competition about?

We are looking for a fresh new symbol which will tell Internet users if they can trust a service online when carrying out an electronic transaction. You will design the symbol for qualified electronic trust services.

What are qualified electronic trust services?

If you move abroad to study, you will have to carry out several administrative procedures when you arrive in your new EU country. Thanks to qualified electronic trust services, there is no need to visit local government or university offices, you can register for your course or with the local authorities online.

Do you need to sign a document? NO PROBLEM, you can do this with an electronic signature! Do you need to submit it before a specific deadline? NO PROBLEM, an electronic time stamp will prove that it has been submitted in time! Do you need a proof of receipt? NO PROBLEM, an electronic registered delivery service can provide this! A new EU law on "Electronic trust services" means that you can use all of these services across national borders. It also distinguishes between average security-level electronic trust services and high level ones, which are also known as "qualified electronic trust services".

What are we looking for?

We need a trustmark (symbol or logo) for qualified trust services to be used on websites of qualified trust service providers in all 28 EU countries. The trustmark will be simple, original and clever and convey a sense of trust and reassurance

It will indicate that:

  • Internet users can carry out their online transactions in a safe, convenient and secure way.
  • They are reassured that the trust services they want comply with EU rules, and meet specific requirements
  • Providers of electronic trust services can reassure consumers their services are legitimate and are of a quality which is regulated throughout EU.
  • The Trustmark ensures that the services offered are qualified and comply with the rules set out in the eIDAS Regulation.

Why this competition?

In 2016, a new EU Trustmark for qualified trust service providers will be introduced throughout the European Union. This EU Trustmark can be used voluntarily by those qualified trust service providers established in the 28 EU Member States who comply with the requirements set out in the EU law eIDAS Regulation.

In what circumstances will the trustmark be used?

For example, you are about to sign a €50.000 contract to buy equipment for your business. The supplier is based a long way from your home, so you want to sign the contract electronically, rather than in person.

You go online to look for a trust service provider to buy a certificate for electronic signatures. How can you be sure that the services of the provider you have chosen are reliable? Your contract is worth a lot of money and you want to be sure that the service you are about to buy provides a high level of security and is legally recognised in the EU.

You find a website which uses the EU Trustmark and have the confidence that your electronic signature is safe.

2. Who can participate?

All EU design or art students are invited to submit their most innovative designs to the "e-Mark U Trust" competition. Participants must be registered at an academy, university or college in one of the 28 EU Member States. The entries must be submitted by 15 September 2014. Before applying, have a look at the competition rules and specifications to see if you qualify!

Submit your idea!

You can submit your design proposal via this website between 3 July and 15 September 2014 (for more information go to Submit your design.)

Why should you enter? Having your creation on many websites is only one great reason for participating in the EU Trust mark Competition.  Your design will also help trust in the internet and online services

And on top of that, winning the "e-Mark U Trust" competition could be a milestone in your development as a designer.

The Prize: The winner will be awarded 5.000 euro in cash! You are second? 3.500 euro will be for you! You are third? You still get 1.500 euro.

The winner and two runners-up will also be invited to the official competition awards ceremony taking place in Brussels in the summer of 2015.

e-Mark U Trust Competition Rules

e-Mark U Trust Design and Technical Specifications