On 26 and 27 February 2019, the fifth plenary meeting of the DSM (Digital Single Market) self-regulatory cloud stakeholder working groups will take place in Madrid.

Website visual of DSM cloud stakeholder meeting

All interested parties are welcome to register for the public meeting that takes place on 26 February. This meeting will present you with everything you want to know about the progress of the DSM cloud self-regulatory work led by the SWIPO Working Group (on data porting for easier switching between service providers) and the CSPCERT Working Group (on cloud security certification).

For the first time, representatives of, inter alia, ENISA, ETSI and ECSO will share their views on the topics addressed by SWIPO and CSPCERT.

On 27 February, the hosting organisation will offer the opportunity for members of the DSM cloud stakeholder self-regulatory Working Groups to conduct closed working sessions.