The Digital Single Market (DSM) Cloud Stakeholder meeting will bring together cloud experts and professionals. They will kick-off the work on a self-regulatory code of conduct for data porting and switching cloud providers and on a cloud security certification scheme.

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Presentations given during the meeting on 12 December 2017 have been uploaded in the agenda below. Please click on the links.

The DSM Cloud Stakeholder Meeting will serve partly as a continuation of the work done during the last cloud stakeholder meeting at the Net Futures Conference on 29 June 2017.

The agenda for 12 December will contain presentations of the recently adopted Commission proposals for a Regulation on the free flow of non-personal data and for the cybersecurity certification framework. Additionally, an important element of the agenda will be outlining the cloud specific work to be started following these two proposals, and discussing on how to best build on previous key deliverables.

A broad, varied and balanced stakeholder engagement and the participation of professionals with significant expertise is the main priority for the European Commission to ensure valuable and multi-perspective contributions and commitment on the work to be done. The Commission welcomes cloud experts from both the private and public sector.

The work during this day will be organized in breakout sessions; the participants will split up in smaller groups depending on whether they mainly represent the demand or the supply side of the cloud value chain. The smaller groups will be asked to develop by the end of the day a written contribution as the result of a joint effort.  

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09:00-09:45                 Registration

09:45-10:00                 Welcome by Pearse O'Donohue: The way forward

10:00-10:15                 Presentation of the FFD Proposal/Portability Aspects

10:15-10:30                 Presentation of the Cyber Package

10:30-11:00                 Presentation of study on cloud certification

11:00-11:30                 Presentation of studies on portability and on cloud contracts

11:30-12:00                 Introduction to the proposed working method

12:00-13:00                 Lunch

13:00-15:45                 Break-out sessions in 2 groups

        13:00 – 14:15:

  • GROUP A: Portability: a potential code of conduct
  • GROUP B: Cloud Security: a potential certification scheme

       14:15 - 14:30:        Coffee break

       14:30 - 15:45:

  • GROUP A: Cloud Security: a potential certification scheme
  • GROUP B: Portability: a potential code of conduct

15:45-16:15         Plenary presentations by groups and discussion on portability

16:15-16:45         Plenary presentations by groups and discussion on security certification

16:45- 17:00        Plenary wrap-up & Next steps


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