In this Digital Single Market (DSM) Cloud Stakeholder Meeting, the Commission wants to welcome each and every stakeholder active in the European Union with the purpose of interacting with the broadest possible collection of stakeholders.

Net Futures 2017 conference visual consisting of a coloured capital letter N

The meeting will look at the achievements under the European Cloud Strategy, wrap up the work done by the Cloud Select Industry Group and discuss on how to best build on previous key deliverables in order to effectively address cloud-related opportunities and challenges in a rapidly changing environment.

A broad, varied and balanced stakeholder engagement is the main priority for the European Commission to ensure valuable and multi-perspective participation and commitment on the various current and emerging issues along the cloud computing value chain. Therefore the Commission welcomes mainly, but not exclusively, private and public cloud users as well as cloud service providers.

At the DSM Cloud Stakeholder Meeting the European Commission will present and discuss the way forward to a broad and varied cloud stakeholder platform. The different participants will have the opportunity to come together, share experiences and discuss in an interactive manner the main workstreams needed to contribute to the development of a European cloud ecosystem and provide input for imminent EU policies in the context of the Digital Single Market.

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Opening by the European Commission

Part 1 - European Cloud Strategy – Key takeaways and wrapping up C-SIG


Achievements and key deliverables of the European Cloud Strategy


Wrapping-up the Cloud Select Industry Group



Part 2 - Cloud as an enabler of the Digital Single Market – Challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing digital market


A way forward to a broad and varied Cloud Stakeholder Platform – presentation by the Commission


Snapshot presentations on Challenges and Opportunities in a rapidly changing digital market

Data Portability/Switchability of Cloud providers; Cloud Security – Certification; Towards a SME friendly Cloud Ecosystem; Cloud-uptake in Specific Sectors (e.g. financial sector, public services)


Break-out discussions on the Challenges and Opportunities followed by short presentations on the outcomes


Conclusion and Next Steps by the Commission