The seventh meeting of the Digital Single Market (DSM) cloud stakeholders is taking place on 12 June 2019 in Amsterdam. The meeting aims at informing Dutch and European stakeholders in the data economy and cloud sector about the cloud self-regulatory initiatives that the European Commission is facilitating. Any interested party is welcome to join the conference, which is the public part of this meeting. A highlight of the day will be the publication of the final milestone report of the cloud certification working group

skyline Amsterdam and clouds

The DSM cloud stakeholder group serves as a platform for the work of the two self-regulatory cloud working groups that are currently active: SWIPO (cloud switching/porting data working group) and CSPCERT (cloud security certification working group).

SWIPO is developing Codes of Conduct on data porting, with the purpose of facilitating the switching between cloud service providers. The deadline for the development of the codes of conduct is end-November 2019. Both SWIPO codes are on schedule to comply with this deadline.

CSPCERT is finalising inputs for the development of an EU-level cloud security certification scheme. The final report will be presented and explained during this Amsterdam meeting, in presence of the EU Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA). There will be ample opportunities to discuss this outcome. 

The regular meetings of the DSM cloud stakeholders are part of a process that will contribute to more legal certainty and enhanced trust in cloud services offered on the EU market.

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