The Spanish SME DiagnóstiQA, together with two Digital Innovation Hubs, developed the first system to inspect wind turbines while in operation. Their solution is based on the use of drones. They received support from the EU project EuRoC.

graphic representation of an inspection of wind turbines carried out by drones

DiagnóstiQA is a Spanish SME that offers technical assistance and inspection in the industrial and energy sectors.

They realised that there was a gap in the market because there was no system to carry out inspection of wind turbines while they were in operation. Shutting down the wind turbines for inspection leads to significant loss of electricity, production and income. 

Within the EU-funded EuRoC project, they teamed up with the Digital Innovation Hubs of University of Zagreb (UNIZG-FER) and University of Dubrovnik (UNIDU). Together, they developed a visual inspection system based on the use of drones. This helps experts to complete the inspection with the visual information they need, and they can easily tele-operate them without the need of specific training, as the drones are autonomous.


  • New and innovative business opportunity for the SME DiagnóstiQA
  • Higher performance of wind turbine, avoiding loss of electricity production 
  • Faster and better-quality inspection 
  • Early detection of damages before they compromise the good functioning of the turbine
  • Allowing to plan maintenance tasks in an efficient manner 

For more information about this success story, visist EuRoC's website

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