The Commission is currently working on the second review of the Recommendation on Relevant Markets, which sets out a list of predefined markets subject to ex-ante regulation.

The Commission has conducted a public consultation on the revision of the Recommendation on relevant markets which was closed on 8 January 2013, and whose results are available on our website. Moreover, an external study “Future electronic communications markets subject to ex-ante regulation” was commissioned with the objective of gaining inputs for the upcoming review of the Recommendation on Relevant Markets.

In the interest of transparency, the Commission publishes herewith the draft revised Recommendation on Relevant Markets and its accompanying draft Explanatory Note which will serve as a basis for discussion with BEREC, which is the main interlocutor of the Commission at this stage of the proceedings, and other stakeholders. This publication does not constitute the formal consultation of BEREC, as required by Art. 15(4) of the Framework Directive.

Stakeholders may send observations on the publication. Such observations will be understood as input to a stakeholder workshop on relevant markets in the EU electronic communications sector, scheduled to be hosted by BEREC on 26 February 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden, back-to-back with the next BEREC plenary meeting.