With the beginning of the new academic year, university students can count on a new EU-funded programme to develop their digital skills: the Digital Opportunity Traineeship Initiative. Students from all faculties can access on-the-job training in a company abroad to improve their digital skills in fields ranging from digital marketing, app development and artificial intelligence. Students will be granted a monthly allowance of around 500 euro, which companies can top up. In the beginning of October over 500 students had started their Digital Opportunity Traineeship across Europe.

picture with text Digital Opportunity Traineeship initiative

With the Digital Opportunity Traineeship Initiative, funded by Horizon 2020 and implemented through Erasmus+, the European Commission aims to help all students acquire the most-in-demand skills needed for finding a job in the digital era. 

Companies can count on a European pool of highly motivated students who can bring their knowledge and fresh ideas to their businesses. They do not need to worry about the extra organisational workload: the financial contribution to the trainees will be provided directly by their universities, according to the Erasmus+ rules. 

Signing up to the Digital Opportunity Traineeship initiative is very easy! Businesses can publish their offers on the platform ErasmusIntern, advertise them directly on their portals, or get the word out via university careers offices. Want to know how to participate? More information can be found in this easy step by step guide