The outbreak and rapid spread of COVID-19 is putting public sector organisations through great challenges with local governments, public administrations, local health services particularly at the forefront of the crisis. If their efforts were further strengthened with the help of digital tools, they could be more effective in helping to slow the epidemic.

DIH webinar title and announcement

At the same time, many SMEs across the EU do not have access to the basic digital technologies needed for business continuity in this critical period. Digital Innovation Hubs are used to putting digital technology at work on real problems on the ground.

This why, with the help of the DIHNET Coordination and Support Action, we are inviting Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) to meet online on 25 March to discuss, among other topics, the immediate and longer-term needs of public sector organisations and SMEs due to COVID-19 and where digital tools / solutions could help in becoming more resilient. The DIH Community is invited to share their experience and tools during the webinar.