The European Commission is looking for 30 Digital Innovation Hubs in at least 12 EU Member States to take part in the coaching and mentoring organised through the project "Digital Innovation Hub Enhanced Learning Programme" (DIHELP).

DIHELP is a programme launched by the European Commission to support Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) in developing and/ or scaling-up their activities. They will be offered a coaching and mentoring programme for 9 months.

Who can apply?

  • New DIHs as well as established DIHs;
  • DIHs operational in any technological domain;
  • DIHs based in one of the EU 28 Member States*.
  • *The call is not open to DIHs that were supported to carry out a feasibility study within the I4MS mentoring programme or who participated in the project Smart Factories in EU 13 Member States.

Why apply?

As part of the DIH Academy, the selected DIHs will receive mentoring and coaching on business development, financing and innovation management delivered both face-to-face and remotely. The coaching and mentoring programme will set up a sector-specific business plan for the digital innovation hubs to support the digital transformation of industry.

What are the evaluation criteria?

Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Regional Strategic Relevance- 30%
  • Regional Transformation Potential - 30%
  • Business, Vision, Ambition and Objectives - 20%
  • Organisational and Technical Capacity - 20%

How to apply?

Interested applicants should submit an expression of interest through the DIHELP websiste. There you may access the required template and also the guide for applicants

Following detailed evaluation of the expressions of interest, the 30 successful applicants will be announced in February. They will be invited invited to the DIH Academy kick-off, planned for March 2019.

The deadline for expression of interest is by 23 January 2019.

Background information

A Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) is a support facility that helps companies to become more competitive by improving their business/production processes, products and services through digital technologies. DIHs act as a one-stop-shop, providing customers with access to technology-testing, financing support, market intelligence and networking opportunities. They can focus on key technologies such as robotics, photonics, high performance computing (HPC), cyber-physical systems, etc. They might as well concentrate on specific sectos such as agriculture, construction, manufacturing, etc.

Digital Innovation Hubs are one of the key pillars of the Digitising European Industry Initiative of the European Commission. This coaching programme contributes to the goal of widening the European network of DIHs so that any company, anywhere in Europe, can get the help it needs to make the most of digital opportunities.