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Women and girls are the main targets of cyberviolence. They're threatened, insulted, mostly by men and boys who try to silence them and drive them off social media. We must stop normalising these unacceptable behaviours, educate our kids and ensure a zero-tolerance policy towards cyberviolence on social platforms.

Nora Bouazzouni is a freelance journalist, author and translator, currently living in Paris, France. After a few years in the music production at La Blogothèque, she worked at franceinfo and Her focus is now on food, TV shows and gender issues, topics she addresses in articles, podcasts and videos. In 2017, she wrote an essay called «Faiminisme – Quand le sexisme passe à table» (Nouriturfu) in which she discusses how food has been, and still is instrumental in the oppression of women. Her book has been translated into Portuguese and is now available in Brazil.