In response to the market need for innovative solutions, the Water Innovation Awards 2018 aim to support the implementation of “The value of water: towards a future-proof model for a European water-smart society”, by raising the visibility of new innovative water-related approaches, solutions, and technologies with high market or high-value application potential. The SMARTH20 project has won the Digital Water Award 2018. The project has developed an ICT platform that actively engages citizens in improving the management of water demand in urban areas.

Image of the award given to SMARTH2O, with members of the project receiving the award at Water Innovation Europe conference

The Water Innovation Europe conference is organised by WssTP (Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform consisting of 179 members and a network of more than 700 individuals from Industry, research, technology providers, policy makers and water users).

SMARTH2O ended last year (March 2017) and was managed by DG CONNECT, Smart Mobility and Living Unit.

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It has developed :

  1. A new product named “SmarterWater”, which is a solution for equipment digitalization, consumptions’ data acquisition and analysis, and user involvement to a conscious use of water resources.
  2. The Drop! Game and its digital extension Drop! The board game and the companion mobile app solution is the development of gamification techniques to encourage water savings. In addition, a behavioural economics study was carried out on the impact of rewards and incentives on water consumption.
  3. Smart Meter Data Manager is a software component for which its primary objective is to acquire and process data streams from smart meters as well as legacy meters and perform consolidation within a central database. It collects and processes meter data. The concept can be reused in other Big Data processing projects.

Thanks to SMARTH2O, water utilities can promote more responsible use, and learn more about how customers behave and how they react to awareness stimuli and to consumption rewards and incentives. It also raises consumer awareness on existing water usage habits and lifestyle implications such as environmental consciousness.

More info on the results in an article published on Cordis.


SmartH2O: an ICT Platform to leverage on Social Computing for the efficient management of Water Consumption
Project coordinator
Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland
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