This workshop on digital social innovation will bring suggestions for EU policies and statements from Digital Social Innovators. It also offers round tables to collect input for the Digital Social Innovation (DSI) manifesto. An increasing number of people across Europe are exploring opportunities for Digital Social Innovation (DSI)and developing bottom-up solutions.

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Are you a digital social innovator? Do you want your innovation efforts to have a stronger impact for the good of the Digital Society?

The Manifesto for Digital Social Innovation (DSI) is an initiative promoted by the EU project ChiC with the collaboration of the DSI4EU project and several other European innovators.

Its aim is to set priorities and identify the measures to be put in place for digital innovation so that digital innovation can be at the service of the whole civil society. This will give a stronger voice to the Digital Social Innovation communities in Europe: it will help raising the public and political awareness about the importance of digital social innovation and its impact on policy makers and local authorities.

An open consultation about the Manifesto is currently running. Its results, other feedback and future steps will be on the agenda of a workshop on 23 May 2017 in Rimini/Italy.

More information about the DSI Manifesto, the open consultation and the workshop.

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