On 6 December, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and guests will discuss the need for advanced skills for societal breakthroughs. The discussion is part of the ICT 2018 conference. At the plenary, Commissioner Gabriel will also hand out the European Digital Skills Awards 2018 to five distinguished digital skills projects who will also exhibit their projects together with all runner-ups. A networking session on the Digital Opportunity Traineeship initiative will also take place on 5 December.

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Digitisation is taking place here and now. Major investments in areas such as High-Performance Computing (HPC), artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are needed to keep the EU at the forefront of innovation, to stimulate societal breakthroughs and for EU businesses to remain competitive. However, the gains from these investments will only materialise if there are sufficiently skilled staff to develop, roll-out, and use these new technologies. The Commission’s proposal for the next EU budget will provide a coherent and comprehensive support for building the digital skills needed for the future. The new Digital Europe Programme will focus on advanced digital skills and provide support to the development of advanced digital skills. 

Already now companies and students can benefit from the Digital Opportunity Traineeship (DOT) programme where up to 6,000 students will work as trainees in a company in another country learning advanced digital skills.  To learn more join the DOT networking session on Wednesday 5 December at 11.30-12.15

Join Commissioner Gabriel at the Digital Skills plenary session on 6 December

The Advanced digital skills for science and societal breakthroughs plenary session will be moderated by Katrina SICHEL and will look at:
1.    How to boost advanced digital skills to spur Europe's competitiveness and innovation uptake?
2.    How to make young people interested in pursuing studies in tech and advanced digital skills careers?
3.    How to apply life-long learning to support the development of advanced digital skills?


Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society
Maarten Goos, Utrecht University, Utrecht School of Economics, Netherlands and Chair of the High-level Group on the Future of Work
Bianka Siwinska, Educational Foundation Perspektywy and winner of the European Digital Skills Awards 2017 with the project IT for She
Alessandro Bogliolo, University of Urbino, Italy; EU Code Week ambassador and member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Governing Board
Ilkka Tuomi, Oy Meaning Processing Ltd, Finland
Anna Maria Corazza-Bildt, Member of the European Parliament

European Digital Skills Awards 2018

The European Digital Skills Awards aim to put the spotlight on projects which contribute to the development of digital skills in Europe and can be scaled-up and replicated in other cities, regions, countries and sectors.  The best projects in five categories including initiatives targeting schools, the workforce, ICT specialists, girls and women and citizens in general will be selected and invited to exhibit their project at the ICT 2018 conference in Vienna as a reward. Check out the projects on 4-6 December in the exhibition area.

Register here for the ICT2018 conference that takes place from 4 to 6 December 2018 in Vienna.