The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition invites companies and organisations to run more activities to promote the development of computational thinking and coding skills for all in a special thematic call for pledges on coding.

Photo of two youngsters looking at a computer

Learning computational thinking and the basics of coding is key to develop an understand the interactions between humans and computers. Coding also supports 21st century skills such as problem solving, teamwork, creativity and analytical thinking, which are important skills for people whether in school or work.

Thematic open call for pledges on coding

Organisations and companies wishing to pledge could focus on organising the following activities:

  • Providing digital skills training with a special focus on coding;
  • Raising awareness about the importance of learning to code;
  • Implementing courses, clubs, lessons, and training on coding at different levels of education;
  • Upskilling or re-skilling the workforce by providing training on coding.

This thematic call on coding runs in parallel to the existing call for pledges in the four target categories of the Coalition:

  • Digital skills for all – developing digital skills to enable all citizens to be active in our digital society
  • Digital skills for the labour force – developing digital skills for the digital economy, e.g. upskilling and reskilling workers, jobseekers; actions on career advice and guidance
  • Digital skills for ICT professionals – developing high level digital skills for ICT professionals in all industry sectors
  • Digital skills in education – transforming teaching and learning of digital skills in a lifelong learning perspective, including the training of teachers

How do I make a pledge?

To participate in this thematic call your organisation should become a member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and make a pledge for action by the end of December 2017. Pledges can be made by individual organisations or companies or can be collective pledges made by different organisations. The Secretariat of the Coalition will support pledgers in facilitating further collaborations or scaling up actions.

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