Digital Single Market is an extremely vast subject. We all know that it is about removing barriers to transactions which take place online, but there are many layers behind this concept.

These transactions can be about buying and selling physical goods online (e–commerce) and the so called "digital content" (music, books, videos…). We don’t need physical support any more; we can have the content directly online.

 There is consumer demand to buy online and businesses are interested in to offer new, innovative services. But something is missing: it can be lack of adequate payment system, lack of delivery option or finally slow internet connection, which puts off consumers and businesses from online transactions. 

Moreover, before the consumer can buy online, the entrepreneur needs to invest. Whether is about setting up a website by an SME or getting licences to offer streaming music service, it costs! Before being able to harvest digital economy, companies need to make investments.

These issues will be discussed during the workshop. If you are interested in digital economy, if you have an e-shop or you buy music online, or maybe don't buy because of […] you are warmly welcome to join the discussion.

Share you experience with us, tell us what is the way forward for the EU, how policy makers should support digital single market in Europe!


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