Taking a Digital Opportunity Traineeship is an excellent way for students and young graduates to apply and fine tune the skills obtained during their studies. Ludovica's story shows how an international working experience in the digital field can change one person's life.

Photo of Ludovica Di Luzio

Ludovica di Luzio undertook the Digital Opportunities Traineeship at Procter and Gamble (P&G) where she now works as a brand manager. 

Why did you apply for the Digital Opportunity Traineeship?

I applied for a digital traineeship as part of my master’s degree. I believed it would help me leverage what I had learned at the university and while working for my parents' business. I had basic experience in creating a Facebook page for my family’s business, managing customer service through social media and expanding online presence of a small business. Thanks to this experience P&G hired me and thanks to this traineeship all of my current work is linked to digital in some way.

What would you recommend to potential Digital Opportunity Trainees?

It’s important to try out the digital tools available and to learn as much as possible, for example learning how to work with photo editing or video editing softwares. The skills and knowledge acquired are a clear advantage in traineeship applications.

How important are digital skills nowadays?

Digital skills are becoming a much sought after necessity, nowadays. Almost every job offer I spot lists digital requirements. I believe that if I did not have the skills that I had developed, then I would have not been accepted as a trainee and subsequently offered a job.

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The Digital Opportunity Traineeships is a European Commission initiative which aims to tackle the skills gap and curb the high levels of youth unemployment. It is an opportunity for students to get first-hand digital experience in fields such as cybersecurity, big data, machine learning or to enhance digital business skills in web design, for example. The initiative runs under the umbrella of Erasmus+ and is financed through Horizon 2020. It provides trainees with an allowance for a period of 2-12 months and therefore significantly lowers the financial and administrative burden for companies who hire the trainees.

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