Digital Opportunity Traineeships – an EU-funded training initiative – aims to help companies fill vacancies with digitally competent candidates. Digital skills are not only required in the ICT sector, but increasingly across all sectors. Knowledge of cybersecurity, data analytics and machine learning for example are needed in fields as diverse as banking and manufacturing, farming and health. A computer-literate workforce is also vital to maintain Europe’s global competitiveness in a fast-changing world.

Picture of the background leaflet on Digital Opportunity Traineeship initiative

Knowledge of digital skills also improves the life opportunities of citizens. For students and
recent graduates, temporary work placements could provide a unique chance to develop digital
skills at a faster pace than could be achieved through formal education, and increase their
employability. To this end, the EUR 10 million the Digital Opportunity Traineeships initiative
will provide working experience in the digital field to up to 6 000 university students
and recent graduates in 2018-20.

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