On Thursday 9 July 2009, Viviane Reding, the EU's Commissioner for Telecoms and Media, delivered the 2009 Ludwig Erhard Lecture at the Lisbon Council on the following topic: "Digital Europe - Europe’s Fast Track to Economic Recovery".

In a far-reaching address, Commissioner Reding discussed the role and potential of the digital economy for economic modernisation and in generating sustainable growth and jobs. She will delve into the potential benefits of developing high speed broadband Internet infrastructures, and outline her plans for best stimulating the demand side of Europe's digital economy.

The Ludwig Erhard Lecture is the Lisbon Council's flagship event on economic modernisation. Previous Ludwig Erhard Lecture laureates include Lucas Papademos, vice president of the European Central Bank (2004), Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, member of the board of the European Central Bank (2008), Raghuram Rajan, (former) chief economist, International Monetary Fund (2005), Michael Glos, (former) economics minister, Germany (2007, during the German EU Presidency), and Karl-Heinz Grasser, (former) finance minister, Austria (2006, during the Austrian EU Presidency).

Watch Commissioner Reding's remarks in full (approx. 47 minutes)

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