Three side events are organised in the context of the Digital Day: a roundtable on cybersecurity, a seminar on responsibility and trust on social media, and a concert to celebrate the 60 anniversary of the Treaties of Rome.

High level roundtable on the main challenges for cyber security in the energy system

In the framework of the Digital Day in Rome, which puts Europe's digital challenges and future in the spotlight, the high level roundtable on main challenges for cyber security in the energy system is taking place on the 24 March 2017, at the premises of

Terna S.p.A.
Piazza Frua n. 2
00 156 Roma.

The energy infrastructure is one of the most complex and critical ones today. Digital technologies play an increasingly important role in the energy sector in many ways, making the energy system smart and providing the ground for a new energy market design. But the new efficiency in supply services comes at a price: increased exposure to cyber-attacks and a higher risk for personal data.

Ensuring resilience of the EU energy supply system against cyber-threats is becoming increasingly important as wide-spread use of IT and data traffic becomes the foundation for the functioning of infrastructures underlying the energy system. Within such a context and as we are celebrating the Treaties of Rome and looking into our common digital future, the special event on cyber security in energy is of high political relevance.

Seminar "Individual responsibility and collective trust in the age of social media"

In the context of the celebrations of the Treaties signature the 24 March, AREL together with Representatives of the DG Connect of the European Commission has organized a workshop addressing critical issues such as the role of Social Media in the 'post-truth' society.

Social Media, as much as traditional media have the power to inform, engage and mobilize citizens. They help weave local and global networks of people, media, businesses and institutions, and contribute to creating an open culture of shared information and diverse opinions as basis of a renewed democratic process. However, there are also potential drawbacks as these media can become instruments of manipulation and misinformation, often prompted by an implicit incentive to promote sensational stories, even if not necessarily correct, with a view to raising audience and maximising profits from advertisement revenues. As for many citizens social media are becoming an important source of information, quality journalism through social media is today more necessary than ever. This goes hand in hand with the need to allow citizens to develop critical thinking and make judgments on information.

The workshop's purpose is to discuss how to build trust and how to ensure a flow of accurate information, plurality of opinions and a responsible use of social media by citizens to support quality and veracity of information.

Concert "The sound of a dream (Il Suono di un Sogno)"

On the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaties of Rome, in the superb setting of Villa Medici, the cultural world gathers to celebrate in music 60 years of peace and cultural integration. The prestigious String Ensemble of the European Union Youth Orchestra will perform a concert featuring a fine selection of music from various European countries. Leading members of the Italian and European cultural scene will present their testimony on the achievements of cultural integration throughout the years.