On 26 September 2017, Deputy Prime Minister and Digital Champion for Slovakia Peter Pellegrini launched the Digital Coalition (Digitálna Koalícia) bringing together partners from the state, private, non-profit, and academic sectors to prepare Slovaks of all ages for work and life in the emerging digital economy.

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During the launch of the Digitálna Koalícia (Digital Coalition), each of the first 21 stakeholders of the Coalition presented their detailed pledges focusing on actions to improve students' digital skills and enhancing the digital literacy of employees, job seekers and entrepreneurs. The first vice-president of the IT Association of Slovakia Mário Lelovský, became the chairman of the Executive Board of the Coalition

"Slovakia has a terrific opportunity to be a leader not only in the automotive industry but also in the information technology sector. Slovakia has good conditions: people's interest, money, European legislation and technical support are factors that enable the development of the information and communication technology sector. I believe that with the active help and cooperation of public institutions, professional community, entrepreneurs and the third sector, this potential will be fully exploited" said Dušan Chrenek, Head of the European Commission’s Representation in Slovakia.

Slovakia is following the path of the Europe-wide Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition initiative. There are 17 National Coalitions for digital skills and jobs in the EU, and more are expected to be established this year.

"It's our future. If Slovakia supports digital literacy by helping and growing digital skills, businesses will be able to cope with digital transformation, people will not lose their jobs, on the contrary, thanks to digital skills they will be successful in new jobs" explained Mário Lelovský, first vice-president of the IT Association of Slovakia.

The Digital Coalition will develop a study on the impact of industry 4.0 and ongoing global digitalisation. On that basis, efforts will be concentrated on preparing Slovakia for digital transformation, in many areas including reforming education. 

"The current education system is not able to fulfill this role. The Digital Coalition can therefore be very useful in initiating a wide range of processes, such as enhancing the digital skills of the citizen, enhancing the excellence of ICT experts and overall preparedness for industry 4.0." said M. Lelovsky.

Among the founding members of the Slovak National Coalition is the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic for Investment and Informatization (ÚPVII), the IT Association of Slovakia, the Slovak Ministries of Education, Economy and Labor, Social Affairs and Family, as well as secondary and higher education institutions, major IT companies and other organisations (more details on the founders).  Digital Coalition plans to attract new partners. 

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