On Wednesday May 3rd we will celebrate World Press Freedom day at the Bozar, in Brussels.

A bue and a red pencil, logo of the event

Freedom of Expression implies respect for the opinion of others. It recognises the fact that there is a difference between each of us and our opinions. To celebrate freedom of expression is to celebrate diversity. Freedom of the press is an essential aspect of the freedom of expression. Without a free and independent communication landscape it is impossible to build and sustain a democratic society. ‘The Fourth Estate’ is the counterbalance of the legislative, the executive and the judicial power of the state. Only in a system where there are solid and transparent checks and balances, creativity, free research, culture and the arts can flourish.

The event will be diverse.  There will be four parallel sessions with speakers, a Living Library, films and exhibitions that challenge the freedom of expression and press, Live Sketching and a Live Magazine.  The day will be crowned with the annual awards ceremony including the Difference Day Honorary Title for Freedom of Expression.

The four thematic debates will be the following:

  • Journalism in a post-truth climate. Is quality journalism an answer?
    Participants:  Melissa Bell, Edwy Plenel, Alain Lallemand, Peter Cunliffe-Jones
    Moderator: Jane Whyatt
  • Can Laws Stop Fake News?
    Participants: Jerzy Pomianowski, Marietje Schaake, Bob Rugurika, Philippe De Backer, Dirk Voorhoof  
    Moderator: Jean-Paul Marthoz
  • The challenge of building trust: Is technology there to save the media?
    Participants: Dieter Boen, Tim Verheyden, Pieter Haasnoot, Marco Pancini (tbc), Giovanni Seppia (tbc)
    Moderator: Daniela Vincenti
  • Media Literacy and the Citizen: Finding Facts in a Post Truth Era
    Participants:  David Buckingham, Bayan Tal, Eva Maydell (tbc), Aline Robert, Tibor Navracsics (+ closing speech)
    Moderator: Jasper Jackson

The event is organised by VUB, ULB, EHB, imec, Evens Foundation & BOZAR.

Come and join us!

For more information, practical info and registration, check the event website here.

#DD17 #WPFD17