The European Commission is inviting proposals for the annual Descartes Prize for Research and the Descartes Prize for Science Communication. Closing date for proposals is 4 May 2006. Research teams may submit their own work. Organisations such as research centres, foundations or universities may also nominate candidates.The prize money for the Science prize is 1 million EUR to be shared among up to five laureate teams and the five finalist teams will receive 30 000 EUR each. The Science communication prize is worth 250 000 EUR to be shared by up to five laureates, with five finalists who will receive 5 000 EUR each. The Descartes Prize for Research recognizes outstanding scientific work carried out by a multinational team of researchers. The prize is open to teams from all fields of scientific endeavour and is awarded by the European Commission as part of its programme to increase contact between science and society. The Descartes Prize for Science Communication complements the Descartes Prize for Research. It seeks to reward outstanding achievements in the public understanding of science and to encourage young people to engage in scientific careers.